Reconciliation Action Plan


Aboriginal participation on all WBHO-I projects is delivered under the umbrella of WBHO’I’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and our Indigenous Participation Policy. These documents together provide the framework for developing our relationships, commitments, and initiatives with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people beyond our participation objectives and for them to be led by the spirit of reconciliation. The key objectives and strategies within our RAP include:

As part of our initial RAP Journey, the WBHO-I RAP Working Group have reviewed our approach to how we work with Indigenous peoples further to the development of our Policies and Strategies relating to Indigenous Peoples in order to:

  • Foster sustainable working relationships between Aboriginal people and businesses.
  • Offer Aboriginal people and businesses a wide range of employment, career and business opportunities on WBHO-I projects.
  • Establish quantitative targets associated with the reconciliation process that extend beyond Aboriginal Participation.
  • Report annually on Aboriginal Participation outcomes and review strategies, initiatives and targets.
  • Facilitate cultural awareness and learning within WBHO-I and adopt cultural protocols to acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
  • Create further awareness around Aboriginal culture and the reconciliation journey through communication and education programs and initiatives.
  • Embed the delivery of core business practices and decision making associated with reconciliation at the highest level of management, across our projects and throughout the wider WBHO-I business.
  • Provide industry-wide visibility of our work, relationships and achievements with Aboriginal people and businesses.